Side Projects

The Rise NYC

I am working on a companion app for The Rise NYC, a free outdoor fitness group in New York City. This is my first mobile app and I am currently only developing it for Android. I went with Android because

  1. I use an Android phone and would like to be able to use/test the app at the workouts.
  2. I have programming experience in Java and figured it would not be difficult to learn the additional libraries for Android (and the XML for the UI).

The GitHub page is set to private, but will be made public once it is ready to be distributed.

The Rise NYC currently meets in public locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, at 6:30 AM on weekdays. Though all the workouts happen at the same time, and all fall under the Rise umbrella, they are quite different in nature.

For example:

  • Monday’s workout is a tabata style high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, which calls for 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. This requires a timer and whistle to keep track of time and indicate the start of each section, respectively.
  • On Wednesday, the workout generally contains a deck of cards segment, which assigns an exercise to a suit, and the number of repetitions to the number on the card (face cards are also assigned numerical values).
  • On Thursday, there is a workout in Queens that has a section called Dice. This relies on the roll of a six sided die to select an exercise, which the group does ten of together.

So it is the responsibility of each team member to either bring the necessary props, or to download an app. While there are indeed apps for all of these purposes, this creates a lack of uniformity between days of the week. Furthermore, if the person who normally brings the app is absent, then someone else must decide on an app to download in order to fulfill the task.

Thus, the concept of The Rise NYC app was born! It would be a single app that contains all the tools needed to run any of the Rise workouts happening throughout the week.

The following features are the goals of version 1.0:

  • A list of locations, sorted both by days of the week and by borough
  • Timer, deck of cards, and dice modules within the app. All will have presets available
  • A list of built in exercises

More features will be added to the second version, though I am considering rewriting it for React Native or some other cross mobile framework.